Decontamination and Sterilization

Trainings and Workshops

1- Sterilization Diploma :

    • Sterilization diploma is two years/four semesters study in association with the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training. It had started since 1992.
    • A sterilization diploma certificate gained after two years of training including theoretical and mostly practical training which take part in the main CSSD.
    •  Graduated personnel get Diploma degree in sterilization which allows them to practice as sterilization technician in all CSSD departments at Ministry of health.
    • The curriculum of diploma program covers the following  :
      • Historical Development Of Decontamination Services
      • Anatomy and Physiology
      • Basic Microbiology
      • Infection Prevention and Control
      • Reusable Medical Devices (Surgical Instruments)
      • Receipt, Cleaning and Disinfection of Reusable Medical Devices
      • Endoscope Reprocessing
      • Inspection and Packaging Area Activities
      • Terminal Processing (Sterilization)
      • Storage and Distribution
      • Total Quality Management System
    • Students are distributed in the main areas in the CSSD (Decontamination / packaging/ sterilization) for practical training with rotation timetable and seminars.
    • Weekly Assignments and performance reports are carried out by the supervisors for each student. Accordingly, the technical performance progress is validated for every student.
    • Students perform both theoretical and practical exams. 
    • They are evaluated according to their daily task performance, depth of knowledge, effective problem-solving and decision-making.
    • The student graduated with a clear understanding that every step in the CSSD has a direct impact on patient safety.

    Detailed curriculum for sterilization course :

    First semester : ( 14 weeks)
    Second semester: (14 weeks)
    Third semester :  (14 weeks)
    Fourth semester ( 14 weeks )

    2- Continuous Professional Development (in-service education for CSSD staff)

    • Regular training and refreshment of the sterilization technicians during their career is necessary  which includes attending seminars ,conferences and   meeting with CSSD head or training division in a regular basis specially when a new equipment or technology is introduced to CSSD in which evaluation and taking part in writing of the operation policy is mandatory coordinating with the training division ( e.g endoscope reprocessing training ).
    • Also technicians are assigned to participate in statistical information gathering, preparing lectures for the upgrade courses or scientific days in which discussion of the new technology in sterilization field is achieved .
    • Some technicians are also nominated to take part in computer programming courses  and other job related  subjects  arranged by civil service department .

    3- Upgrade courses (required for promotion of CSSD staff) twice a year for sterilization technicians (after completing 5 years/10 years of working careers until 2014 /updated 7 years maximum working years )

    • These courses are assigned for upgrading the sterilization technician  working in all Kuwait health areas .
    •  These courses  are Held  twice a year on every April/ November  ( 2 weeks course ) .
    • Theoretical & practical training  including   updated lectures and those who pass the  final  successfully can be upgraded to higher level (raise ) 

    4- Training for nursing staff from private sector

    • Infection control department and the health license department work together to increase the level of sterilization services in the private sector. 
    •  Nurses (with nursing diploma ) from  private sector can join four weeks  training course in main CSSD- AlSabah area  for theoretical & practical training  course which covers  the basic knowledge of reprocessing surgical instrumentation & operating  the main  machines & equipments in CSSD .

    Those who passed the final exam successfully can be awarded certificate from infection control department  that allow them to practice as sterilization technicians in private sectors .  ( given sterilization technician license from health license  department

    5- Scientific activities

    • Regular scientific days are arranged in the CSSD –Al-Sabah area in which head of CSSD sectors in all hospital in Kuwait health regions are invited to attend .
    • Discussion of the new technical aspects or scientific study  in sterilization field is taking part.
    • It is also necessary to attend  courses & seminars locally  & outside KUWAIT –Internationally which improves the scientific knowledge of the staff specially regarding policies ,guidelines & international  standards..
    • attending conferences and seminars abroad is important to gather the knowledge from specialized institutes & exhibitions  in CSSD.