Kuwait Association of Infection Control


–    To advocate updated infection control policies and activities among Healthcare workers.
–    To raise awareness on key principles of infection control in the community.


Members are physicians, public health professionals,   or microbiologists
President:    Dr.  Mariam Al Fadhli
Secretary of the Association:    Dr. Kholoud Alfadhalah
Treasurer:    Dr. Hebah Khajah

Members according to alphabetical order

Dr.    Abeer A. Omar
Dr.    Ahmad Al Motawaa
Dr.    Amira Sultan
Dr.    Eiman Al Sahsah
Dr.    Eiman Jawlee
Dr.    Eiman Mokaddas
Dr.    Entesar Husain
Dr.    Gautam Hebar
Dr.    Ghadeer Al Ghareeb
Dr.    Hebah Khajah
Dr.    Kholoud Alfadhalah
Dr.    Mona Foda
Dr.    Mostafa Ramadan
Dr.    Najlaa Mahmoud
Dr.    Nora Alqlooshee
Dr.    Noura Al-sweih
Dr.    Sabry Al Rajhii
Dr.    Samar  Aly
Dr.    Sherin Saber
Dr.    Wafaa Hamza


The Association of Infection control was founded in 2009 by a group of infection control doctors to promote infection control activities and prevent healthcare-associated infections in healthcare settings. Our major activities are Hand hygiene campaign, National campaign for proper use of antibiotics, Infection prevention and control conferences, studies and research .