Welcome to Infection Control Directorate(ICD)

Ministry of Health believes that Infection prevention and control is integral to clinical care and the way in which it is provided. It is not an additional set of practices. Everyone plays a role in infection prevention; patients, families, and healthcare personnel. We strongly believe that our joint efforts will markedly improve the health of our people.

Latest News

  • WHO Antibiotic Awareness Week: 12-16 Nov 2018

    The upcoming Antimicrobial resistance week having five days will feature tailored multiday messaging that corresponds to each of the five strategic objectives .... READ MORE

  • WHO Antibiotic Awareness week 15-20 Nov 2017

    In accordance with WHO antibiotic awareness week Infection control directorate held a workshop on 15 november attended by a lecturer from EMRO-WHO Dr. Karen Nahabitian and activities will continue in Kuwait hospitals and polyclinics on 19-20 November. SEE PICTURES

  • Upcoming Campaign: 5/May/2017

    We are excited to announce the launch of our Annual National Hand Hygiene Campaign May, 2017 By a celebration on 4 may at Infection Control Directorate, Sabah Area, and the activities will continue in all governmental healthcare facilities all over the year

  • Upcoming Workshop: 9-10/April/2017

    Workshop on proper waste management and prevention and management of needle stick injuries and body fluid exposure among healthcare personnel in healthcare setting will be held at ICD, Sabah Area. This workshop is intended for laboratory technologists.

  • Training Course: 25-30 Nov/2018

    The Training course successfully executed about Infection Control for Trainee Doctors of KIMS.